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Sydney 2 getting work On the way to the employment office, the predominant question in the back of my mind was how to go about working without enough English, what to do if asked to do something and not being able to do it for the lack of having understood. The idea of trying the hostel kitchen came and to there I went. I asked for the chef, explained my situation as good as I was able, he opened the door to the kitchen and called inside, only, the language he called in was Russian. A big gray haired man came, they exchanged a few words, later I learned that his name was Matula, Boris, called Matula, no Boris, hard grey eyes looked at me, and in a halting German asked, - you German?- No, from Luxembourg,- just the same- , no not the same, somehow my voice had risen, a deep throated laugh came from Matula, a few words in Russian, and the chef told me to start 6 am next morning. He wrote a few words on a paper torn out of a note bloc and sends me to the management office. Here I had to fill out a form, the man, about my age I had to do with was Austrian, so there was no communication problems, he took me to a store room and gave me working clothes, he even offered knives, but I had my own. His name was Karl Porebsky; we became friends. 6 am to 4 pm shift was a between shift, normal was 4 am to 1 pm and 12 noon to 9 pm. 8 hours split by twice a ½ an hour break, the twice a ¼ hour tea time who weren’t discounted. The eight months I stayed in Australia was the only time till now where I worked eight-hour shifts. Saturday work paid at 50% plus, Sunday at 100% and holydays at 200% plus. The main kitchen was huge, next to the kitchen, in a shed was a giant steam producing machine, the steam was let into the kitchen by thickly isolated pipes, super heated steam was let into pressure cookers big enough to cook a whole cow in them if you liked. Steam heated cup boards, 400 eggs could be boiled at once in there, a roasting oven the size of room, inside was a paddle wheel,

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