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I arrived at the hostel late afternoon it was getting cooler and after London it was as different as being on the moon, the birds insects possoms it was great! The old hut we lived in C27 was a shocker the cramped little rooms full of unpacked boxes and cases with a big old fridge which kept you awake at night.Then my first introduction to Mosquitoes and the stench of meths as you rubbed it on the bites in the morning..School was so different Oxley State High, all open and airy with boys in their shorts and Digger hats and girls much the same so different to my old victorian cold building in Battersea..Morning parade where I stood out like a sore thumb in my jeans T shirt and thongs, I wasn't going to wear shorts I only just got into long trousers..I didnt fit in from the start although my Cockney accent was appreciated by a music teacher who was mad on the musical "oliver"and she had designs on me singing, I only new inky pinky par le vous..soon i was introduced to the cuts although following the beating in my old school it was nothing..Still I liked Aus and bunking off school soon became a way of life and the meeting of an Aussie kid Brian whos dad was in the Army and he showed me how to burn off Leeches, I showed him how to pick up fag butts and make roll ups, swimming in sandy creek and eating cold baked bean sanwiches. Night time in the hostel with other teenagers was great too with the constant static storms lighting the stary stary night sky..Lots of adults didnt like the hostel but to me with the regular influx of new immigrants and girl friends it was Good. The canteen and food was OK, all though lots complained (winging pomms) the kahzis (dunnys) were a bit grim with a lot of foreigners using the showers to S..t in and the outside big metal laundry sinks were great to put snakes in and scare the daylights out of the women..This was the beginning of an adventure which went on for two years, I liked Aus and could have stayed, would have if I were older.

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