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They sailed on 9.12.54 on the SS Skaubryn and Christmas was celebrated on the Red Sea. The ship anchored in the Suez, waiting to go through the canal. Traders in the Suez took people on barges to shore but Mum and Dad didn’t go because of lack of money. At Colombo where they did go on shore, the local traders wanted to buy their pretty blonde daughter Sylvia! When they crossed the equator, all on board celebrated at the Neptune Party. Passengers who attended received a 'certificate' for crossing the equator. One of the officers and his wife dressed up as Neptune and his wife. It was all part of the fun. But it wasn't all fun. The seas were very rough, the ship was quite crowded, and Mum was very sick. The passengers were segregated on the ship, eight to a cabin, women with children, smelly potties spilling on the beds. As well, the air-conditioning broke down. When they landed in Fremantle, Western Australia, a kind gentleman bought them an ice cream and milkshakes. Mum was very weak from the trip and she cried at the kindness. "The taste! After years of deprivation and the rough journey over."

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