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Back in Adelaide, I settled down to my work. Three of the cadet engineers became my friends. It was the start of a wonderful social life of tennis ,dancing and trips away. We always went together. My younger brother Wallace played soccer for Sturt, one of the leading clubs. He was the captain of the club’s second eleven. He asked me to play in his team. After the game, I was approached by the club manager Mr Cecil Beaurepaire. He invited me to play centre forward in the `A` division side. I was in my element. Mr Beaurepaire asked me how long I had been in Australia. He was surprised when I told it was just two weeks. He said, `Well you probably don’t know too many people here yet. Would you like to come home to dinner? ` He ushered me into his big Rover and drove me up to his mansion up in the Adelaide hills. There I met Mrs Beaurepaire and their young daughter Felicity. Over dinner Mr Beaurepaire explained that I had been in Australia for just two weeks and didn’t know anyone. He suggested to Felicity that she could introduce me to some of her friends and show me around. So for the next few weeks after a match I would be invited to their home for dinner and maybe a movie or a dance with Felicity afterwards. I had been in this marvellous country for just a few weeks and I was really enjoying myself. What a difference from the war weary cold country that I had left just a short time ago. Just think. No rationing, no shortages, no petty restrictions and plenty of sun. I have often been asked by people back in the UK if I ever had any regrets about leaving the country. My obvious and honest answer is No!!!

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