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(Mitchell Librarian 1993-2001, Associate Director State Records NSW 2001-2008 and Director State Records NSW 2008-2012) I was born into a long established Yorkshire farming family in the North East of Yorkshire on 13 February 1950. Poverty and family circumstances meant that I left school at 15 years old and ended up in the British Army in 1965 as a boy soldier. After 6 years in the British Army having being trained in the infantry and the Royal Military Police, I purchased my discharge in 1971 and travelled overland to Australia through Africa and worked in a variety of jobs ranging from kitchen hand, fork lift truck driver, security guard and hardware store salesman. Funnily when I was disembarking from the Oronsay in Fremantle Harbour in May 1971 the first thing I heard was a small child saying ‘Hey Mum, there’s the Jolly Swagman’- it was mainly because I was wearing an African bush hat and was carrying a back pack - it was the first and last time I have ever heard anyone mention the Jolly Swagman, apart from in Waltzing Matilda!

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