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It all began when I was at secondary school where I had to do a project on one of the continents. I did choose Australia. I became interested in the country and becoming older I wondered what would be the best place for me to live and work. There being a supported migrant scheme I decided to go on an adventure and look what Australia could offer me. I applied for a migrant visa and was granted one Then there was a choice of transport, my choice was by ship. September 1 1971 I left the Netherlands by ferry Hoek van Holland to Harwich. Harwich to Southampton me and 3 others of my cabin did by train and taxi instead of the busses that took the other migrants, we were lucky. After a sail of 4 weeks we arrived in Fremantle where I first set foot on the ground that could become my new motherland. Via the port of Melbourne I arrived at my destination, Sydney. In Sydney we were brought to a hostel for singles, not the best place to be. Fortunately I had the address of a cousin of mine, who did not know I was coming to Australia. After the first night in the hostel I took the train, and went to see him. He lived with other relatives in a rented house and I could live with them for a while.

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