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John Albert Martin, his wife Mavis and son Donald, arrived in Australia onboard the Oronsay in July 1957. They were some of the first migrants brought to Australia through the “Bring out a Briton” migration scheme. Mr Martin wanted to start a new life in Australia as he was working maximum hours at his current job, and had gained the maximum number of trade qualification certificates possible, this is also how he got his name “Mr Maximum”. He realised he could go no further in his occupation in the United Kingdom, and had heard that the average wage was almost 20pounds, for a 5day 40hour working week. He said it was a great honour to be in the first batch, and felt he and his family owed Australia a great debt. If they succeed they know that they will be giving other Englishmen the chance to migrate to this wonderful new country. Mr Martin advised that his neighbours were calling him digger before they left, which made them feel like Australians before they had even got here. Within one week of arriving into Australia, Mr Martin had already written a letter to Mr A Townly, to see if his family could return to England based on the fact that he felt his family had been lied to. Mr Martin advised that the job he was now doing was no better than the one he left in London. He also said that the accommodation in which they resided was inadequate. Mr Martin re-iterates that Australia is being grossly overrated by the migration people in England. In a letter addressed to Mr Martin from Athol Townley, the Minister for Immigration, he outlines all the events that have occurred since the families’ arrival in Australia, and makes note of the decision by Mr and Mrs Martin to travel to Adelaide, and not take up employment with Mr Donnelly in Penola, as was organised by the Department of Immigration. He also makes mention that the letter has been addressed to Penola as he has been told that the family has since returned to take up employment with Mr Donnelly.

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