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Many years ago a decision was made that provided a life experience that I never thought would be possible.  Being born in 1957 in Germany, my mother was at a cross road in her life.  She made the best decision she could on my behalf and I was adopted by a wonder couple, Joseph and Helma Sippel.  They provided me with the love that most children yearn for.  Given the name Michael by my birth mother solidified the adoption. 

Years have passed and both my mom and dad, having given their all to me, have since joined God in heaven.  I have decided to search for my biological mother knowing they would have approved of my effort with tremendous support.  I have her name as it was on the adoption record.  I searched websites and was surprised to find a picture and short synopsis of her journey to Australia. 

She was born in 1932 in Germany, was about 25 when she made the loving decision to allow a wonderful couple to adopt me, and in 1962 decided to leave her homeland, Germany, under a program managed by the Immigration Ministry of Australia for single German women.  As It turned out, someone posted a story on Destination Australia about this program.  To my surprise, a picture of Franziska Freidhofer, my biological mother, who was one of 88 women that flew from Bremen to Melbourne in November of 1962 under this program.

I have not found any additional information as to what happened to her after she arrived in Melbourne.  I remain optimistic that there is time for me to thank her for the decision she has made.  That my journey, not yet fininshed, will have a new chapter.

Link: Photograph 9759668 | Destination Australia


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