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Lived in the little village of Bempton in Yorshire up untill the age of five, I feel lucky as I have clear memmories of a lot of those years, including going to school for the first time, my first visit to the dentist being gassed ( Horror), trips to Bridlington and flambouror head.

One should never forget the white christmas, crossing a field of white snow sledding, breaking of icycles to suck on the way to school, taking a wide birth around a gaggle of gease, playing in the haystacks, all fond memmories.

We went to London to stay with relies which realy was the beginning of the journey, visited sherwood forest, and trafalger square. The day we left for the ship in Southhamton would be the last time I  I could call England home.

Onboard the ship getting to our cabin the ships smells all part of it, I can rememmber the ship leaving and the land disapearing into the distance, while I have the odd recollection of the trip like crossing the equator, sliding down banisters, going through the sewers canal Aden a lot has been forgotten. We were suposed to go to Melbourne but somthing due to my dad's work we ended up in Adelaide and were at a hostel somewere I think near Jepscross. the memmories of that stay were of the Mosquitoes and being covered in camolile lotion my mother was the worst off I think the liked the tast of her blood she was quite a mess for a while. Don't know how long we were at that place but I do remmember the bus trip to Whyalla mostly a dirt road and at night in a strange country quite an experience for us all.

Whyalla the place that became my final home, we arrived at the Lacy street hostels, I think I have a photo some were, but for a family of four the room was small to say the least. The stay there was memorable we got our first bikes, mother worked as a cleaner at the single mens quarters by BHP, dad worked at BHP and my brother and I went to the convent school which was a reasonable distance from the hostel. We eventually got a house which was the second to last house in Jackson Avenue, bush in front and bush out back, I guess this was the beginning of our life in Australia, my new home.

I'm seventy two at 01/04/2021, I nor my family ever regretted the move, my two children have children and a history of their own to make I got to be a great great grandad life was'nt so bad.  

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