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I (Frans Alexander Udo) was born on March 29 1950 in Amsterdam Holland. My mother's name is Emma Van der Horst and my father's name is Pierre Heindrick Udo. I have two Brothers - Rudolf Peter Udo and Pierre Heindrick Udo and my sister Emma Udo. Money and a decent lifestyle would be hard to come by considering that World war two had devastated Holland and Europe only years before. My father was working as a painter and a merchant seaman. I presume around Europe and Holland, this imposed a hard lifestyle on his family. We migrated to Australia on board the Sibajak and arrived in Melbourne mid 1956. We spent some time at the Bonegilla Immigration Camp near Albury. By the time I was thirteen we had lived in at least six different places. Although I characterized my childhood as average, apart from the normal squabbles between brothers and sister, the constant nagging of my mother. For most of my adolescence, due to the separation of my parents in 1963, I became estranged from my mother, sister, and older brother for at least eight to thirteen years. Now I communicate regularly with them again. My Parents Pierre Heindrick Udo - Born 31/12/1925 Deceased 14/09/1988 Emma Van der Horst - Born 30/08/1926 Deceased 02/02/2006 Brothers & Sisters Pierre (Piet) - Born 03/08/1949 Deceased 10/04/2009.

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Frans Udo
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