• Eleonora was nearly '1'yrs old when this memorable photo was taken.
  • Ellen and Sam sitting on a neighbours front door step in Melissa.
  • It's Frank's Baptism Day.
  • Dad's identification travel pass.
  • Mum's identification photo.
  • Dad's passport.
  • Dad's passport with 20th August 1962 stamped as his departure date.
  • Dad on the ship in August 1962.
  • Mum had this precious photo taken of her with Sam, Ellen and Frank in October 1962.
  • A photo of Dad that he would have needed for identification.
  • A memorable photo of Mum, Ellen, Sam and Frank.
  • Mum with Ellen, Sam and Frank posing for this special photo.
  • Eleonora loves this photo of her and brother Frank.

Giuseppe Cosentino was born on 2nd March 1927 in a town called Melissa in Catanzaro, Italy. His eyes were blue so I'm not sure why his passport says chestnut. His hair however was chestnut in colour. He had this amazing charm and smile that would light up the room. He was so funny and loved a good stir just to make others have a laugh.

He met Mum, Carmela Russo when they were only in their teens. The families knew of each other and they were going to be married. That was it. They weren't allowed to hold hands or kiss, but Dad with his cheeky ways would think of something. Mum had told me that when Dad would come over to visit, he would ask her for a glass of water and as she passed it to him, he touched her hand and he was happy. 

They courted for many years and were married in April 1951 and started their new life together and getting ready to start their family. Their daughter Eleonora was their first born on 6th April 1952, then Salvatore on 4th March 1954 followed by Francesco on 6th December 1957.

In the first photo above Eleonora is not quite '1'yrs old, but yet smiling happily and proudly wearing her Mum's Mum, Nonna Giuseppina's earrings. 

Dad did many jobs to support his family. He did bricklaying and even worked in the mines for 3 years which must have been very difficult and scary. Dad also became a barber in his home town and everyone loved him. Ellen recently told me that Dad even had his own hair Salon in the piazza in Melissa.

As hard as Dad tried, he would eventually have to travel for work. He would have to leave Mum to look after the kids and the family home and Mum did. Dad was motivated in his search of a better life for his growing family.

In 1961, Dad must have gone to Germany for work as Mum had kept his transport identification booklet from all those years ago.

He first arrived in Australia in 1962. His passport is stamped that he left Messina on 20th August 1962 which was also Mum's Birthday. That must have been heartbreaking for Mum and all the kids, but Dad knew that he had to go. Times were tough after the war and jobs were scarce. Dad had arrived in Fremantle, Perth on 9th September 1962 according to his passport.

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