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I picked 1970 as this when I was just 15 and left Aus reluctantly but keen to see me mum brothers and sisters after 2+ years (they didn't recognise me). The Aus experience helped change me from a London Street kid to the successful and well off man I am today and extended my horizons far in advance of my years with the wonderful experience even to the day I returned on the "castell felice" to Southampton and the old grey wet cold England but it was home. Incidentally I boarded the ship on the Brisbane river without having parental responsibility over me, another great experience barely 15 years old and no one to answer to.Great! back in England within a month I wanted to go back to Aus and Wacol The in between years whilst it was hard I enjoyed the challenge and adventure lots happened after I was chucked out of Oxley state school including starting work at 14 and labouring bumping bricks and muck in the hot sun to going on mini walk outbouts in the outback and opal mining with days in surfers paradise and Tweed heads, Crocodile Dundee was a beginner!.My brother returning to the UK after discovering he may have to do national service, after all the Aussie army was in Vietnam. My dad broke his neck in a car crash and the medical insurance wasnt enough, the bubble burst!.Home sickness, no telephones, internet etc just the occasional aerogram letter from family and if you were lucky a Tape of the voices of the ones you left behind that was tough. Aussie was a great adventure and fantastic opportunity with those who could rise to a challenge had a chance to excel, I am proud to be a £10 Pomme and some of the bricks I helped lay are still there maybe in your house..The whole scheme was good for Aus and good for those who rose to the challenge... In many ways its so different but so English with sun and Mosquitoes..The £10 pomme gave a lot to a good scheme, but doubtful if the young boys I see today could hack it.it was a mans world and I am pleased I was a small part.

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