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Mum and Dad were like many thousands of other immigrants of their era. They were uprooted from a world they knew through war, hardship, and a determination to improve things for their families. They faced hard times as well as warmth and kindness from others. They dug deep and met the challenges that came their way. And in return, they believed in assimilating and giving back to the country that had become their home and was the birthplace of future children. They became involved in their communities and contributed to the well-being of others. Mum and Dad’s mantra, which they passed on to us, was ‘always leave a place better than you found it’. They showed us stamina, resilience and courage. They taught us humility, hard work, involvement, commitment, love and laughter and wonderful family times. We as individuals, and the community as a whole, has benefited so much from lives and values of these many immigrants. Let us continue their legacy.

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