• Dad's Union Card ID
  • Mum and I at the 2017 Silverthreads function.
  • Here I am in from of Dad's work which is now called Viridian proudly wearing his Pilkington jacket.
  • Mum and I touring the old Pilkington plant with all our safety gear on.
  • This water tower used to have a symbol on it that looked like the eye and you could see it from miles away.
  • Dad and Mum were so proud and so happy on my Wedding Day. It's 1st April, 1989.
  • I still treasure Dad's Pilkington cup which had been given to him many years ago as a gift.

As I reflect on Mum and Dad's life, I think of my own life and how I am who I am because of these amazing two human beings. They made so many sacrifices for us so that they could give us a better life than they had had. They taught us about love and adventure as they would take us out on the weekends to experience things that they never could. They showed us how to be respectful to others and to try and be kind to one another. To work hard for what you want and to never give up on the things that you really believe in.

Life is not the same anymore and it never will be. There is a huge part of us missing.

I still go to the Silverthreads function with Mum and we hear lots of stories of Dad from all the people that knew and worked with him. It's a little sad to go, but also happy too to know what a difference he made in other peoples lives. The way he made people laugh and forget about things for a while. Others remembering his sayings and his manor. His jokes and his amazing love for life.

I recently found out that when Dad first got the job there in 1964, it was actually called Australian Window Glass, but that there were many Europeans working there. They became like a family.

Mum and I went on a tour of Dad's work in February 2018. When Dad finished working there after 35 years it was still called Pilkington ACI, but now it's called Viridian and still located in Greens Road, Dandenong. I would always drive past and see the eye which they used to call it. Dad had told me that it is filled with water. It's so tall that you can see it for miles and I would always try and catch a glimpse of it when I was in the area. I always wanted to see where my Dad worked, but I never thought in a million years that I would get to go in there. Well I did and it was absolutely amazing. I felt like Dad was there with us guiding me through and he also would have been so happy that I went with Mum. I was going to go by myself as they did warn us earlier that there would be stairs to climb, but I knew that I had to take her. First we arrived at the Gate House which Dad would always talk about as you had to check in there before you parked your car. It was a long tour and lots and lots of walking, but it was so special. We had to put on all our safety gear before we could go anywhere. Hard hats, googles and aprons, but it was all worth it. They explained things to us about the plant and also told us that we couldn't take photos, but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to take one or two. It was such a magical morning to see where Dad worked.

Mum tries to keep busy and still takes care of their home, but life is very different now, but I know Dad is still beside her. 

We miss you Dad so much, but I know that you are with us wherever we are. I hope that you are proud that I have told your story for your future Great Grandkids to read about their amazing Great Grandad. They would have loved you just as everyone did, especially me.

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