• A precious memory of Ellen and Domenic on their Engagement day in October 1973.
  • It's March 1974 and Ellen is getting ready on her Wedding day with Nick giving her a kiss.
  • A precious memory of Ellen and Domenic on their wedding day.
  • Nick's sigma with the fluffy car seat covers in.
  • It's August 1986 and my Dad and Mum had organized a special Birthday cake for Mum and I. Here we are about to blow out our candles and make our first wish together.
  • It's 1986 and this is a precious memory of Dad, Jim and I enjoying the day out at the snow.
  • Dad having an absolute ball at the snow in 1986.
  • Jim and I tobogganing down the mountain.
  • Lake Mountain in Marysville in the winter of 1986.
  • An original medicare card that Mum had kept.
  • Dad cutting his '60'th birthday cake on our engagement night.
  • An airmail envelope addressed to Mum.
  • Mum's stamped passport from when she left for Italy on 5th July 1990.
  • It's the 5th July 1990 and we are at Tullamarine Airport saying goodbye to Mum.
  • Mum's boarding pass dated 5th July 1990.
  • Mum is on this Alitalia flight bound for Italy.
  • A postcard Mum sent us from Italy in August 1990.
  • Mum celebrated her '60'th birthday in Italy just as I was celebrating my 21st here in Australia.
  • A memorable photo of Mum in Italy with her nephew Frank.

The first time I came over to Jim's house, I was so nervous. I can remember that as he didn't have his licence just yet, he came with Nick in his yellow Sigma to pick me up. Mum had organised for brother Sam to pick up some amazing Italian cakes and biscuits that were nicely put on the table. I was trying to be delicate, but I would have loved to eat them all. I really wanted to make a good impression so my Mum had suggested I wear stockings. It was a great idea at the time, except for the fact that Nick had just put new fur car seat covers in his car. The static from my stockings made the fur stick to my legs.

Everyone was so nice to me and then someone asked me when my birthday was and it was the same day as Mum's, 20th August. Well, it was meant to be and Mum and I celebrated all our birthdays together. In July 1990, Mum was going back to Italy for the first time as all her family and friends wanted to celebrate her '60'th birthday with her.  She was a little sad and really didn't want to leave us, but she was so happy once she was there as she was spoilt with so much love. This meant though that she couldn't be here to celebrate my '21'st birthday and the first time that we had celebrated apart.

Jim and I became a couple in early 1986 and our families went on a few outings together and on one of those days we went to Lake Mountain in Marysville and had a magical day out.

On 28th February 1987, my Dad and Mum threw Jim and I an engagement party at the Masonic Temple in Mount Waverley. It was also Jim's Dad's '60'th birthday so we had surprised him with his very own cake. He was over the moon. In the 3rd photo above Dad is smiling and looking over at Domenic who we had also surprised with his very own birthday cake. Dad wanted to cut their cakes at the same time.

Sadly in January 1988, we lost Dad suddenly and life would never be the same again. Jim and I married the following year on 1st April 1989 and I know that Dad was watching over us.

We were married at St Gerard's Church two doors up from Jim's home so of course he had walked to the church. Actually, they had all walked to the church on their wedding days, except for Nick who got married at St Anthony's in Noble Park.

Ellen told me that when she walked up on her special day that all the neighbours were out watching as she took her steps to the church. She was so nervous and only recently told me that she couldn't see very well as she didn't want to wear her thick glasses. Mum and Dad were so proud and held on tight to her. Nick and Jim were her adorable page boys. 

In October 1973, Mum and Dad had also given Ellen and Domenic a special engagement party and had invited all their family and friends to celebrate with them. This was in the the St Gerard's Hall at the back of the church.

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