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Arriving from England in March 1964, my wife and I settled in Melbourne. A year later, our first daughter was born, with two sons and another daughter to follow in the next eight years. I worked first, as an Interstate truck driver for four years and then started my career in management, first in operations then sales and later, general management. My work took us (the family), from Melbourne, to Sydney, to Sao Paulo, Brasil and on to The Netherlands where I became Managing Director for TNT Express, Europe. Even with our travels, Australia was still home and we returned in 1991 and lived in Sydney until my retirement in 1992. We moved to the beautiful Gold Coast in January 1993 and have lived there ever since. We have one daughter living in Sydney, one on the Central Coast of NSW, a son working for the Toll Group in Kobe, Japan and a son living and working on the Gold Coast. We have three wonderful granddaughters, with another (hopefully a boy), on the way. We have had a truly wonderful life and are blessed to live in a country that took in, young, ambitious and hard working migrants and allowed us to achieve our potential and to contribute to making Australia one of the worlds greatest places to live and raise a family.

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