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There seemed to be no future for me in Australia, so I decided to return to the Netherlands after the 2 year period. Regardless this not being my paradise at that time I have no regrets of having been to Australia. In fact I regard it still to be my second mother country. During my stay in Australia I had already seen the south eastern part, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, the Blue Mountains and the Snowy Mountains. Since 2001 I have been on vacations to Australia and Tasmania a lot of times, last year I was on board the Oosterschelde sailing the Australian Bight. This year I will get my pension, partly from Australia, this will give me a lot of free time. I have heard that there are elderly Dutch people with dementia having problems with making themselves understood in English. I intend to go to Australia in December and stay until March to help a Dutch organisation. This is a short story about my migration to Australia.