• The chest (baulo) Mum and Dad bought in Italy from our 1977 trip.
  • A memorable photo of Dad at Padre Pio in Foggia with his sister Santa and niece Angela.
  • A memorable photo from Lungomare, Bari in 1998.
  • Mum and Dad on tour in Venice.
  • Mum and Dad in front of the beautiful Trevi Fountain.
  • Mum and Dad enjoying the day out in Pompei.
  • Mum and Dad exploring San Vito, Bari together.
  • Mum and Dad sent me this postcard in July 1998.
  • Dad and Mum enjoying Lago Verbano (Lake Maggiore) while on tour.
  • A postcard sent from Mum and Dad while on tour.
  • In 1998, Dad took this memorable photo of Mum's hometown of Spezzano Piccolo.
  • A photo Dad took of Niagara Falls in September 1998.
  • A precious photo of my beautiful Dad from his early school days in Bitritto.
  • Dad with his friends, Luigi and Giuseppe in Venezuela.
  • My beautiful Dad and his best friend Luigi.
  • Dad and Mum went to see a bullfight in Venezuela in October, 1998.
  • A postcard Mum and Dad had sent us from San Francisco.

This story is about my Dad and Mum and their second trip back home to Italy together, but without us kids as we had all settled down.

Flying Qantas they arrived at Fiumicino Airport on 1st July 1998 which was also Mum's birthday. They then had to take a small Alitalia Airlines plane to Palese Airport in Bari. Nicola, who is Dad's niece's son picked them up from the airport and then they headed back to Zia Angela's house which is where they would be staying. All the family including Dad's special sister Santa were all there waiting with open eyes and arms. They were over the moon to have Dad back home and to see Mum again.

Zia Angela lived in Via Mazzini, but during the day Mum and Dad would stay in Via Roma, which is where Dad's big sister and nephew Franco lived. Then at night they would go back and sleep at Zia Angela's house as her house was a lot bigger.

After 15 days with family and friends, they then went to Rome to stay at the Beverley Hills Hotel which is where they would catch the tour 'Insight' to travel throughout Italy. Even though they were born in Italy, there was so much of this amazing Country that they had never ever seen. They met some lovely people and had such a memorable time.

When the tour was over, they caught a small plane from Rome and went to Catania, Sicily for a few days. They then caught a taxi to Taormina followed by a bus to Messina where they stayed for a few days catching up with some family friends. Back at Taormina, they caught a Traghetto (ferry) to go to Villa San Giovanni in Reggio Calabria. They then caught a train to Mum's hometown of Cosenza where they stayed in a family Hotel for 4 days and caught up with all their relatives and friends and explored Mum's home town.

On the morning that they were to leave Cosenza, a relative of Mum's came to pick them up and took them to the station as they were going back to Bari. They stayed there for another 15 days with Zia Santa in Via Roma. They went to lots of unforgettable places together while they were there. They went to Monte Sant'Angelo, Padre Pio and Santuario Madre di Dio Incoronata in Foggia. They visited the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari. They made precious memories together at Lungomare in Bari which Dad always talked about and told me that I had to visit there one day. They also went to Dad's home in Bitritto where he grew up and which is still owned by his younger brother.

Mum tells me that they also did a day in Bitritto just by themselves exploring Dad's hometown.

On the 1st September when leaving Bari for Toronto Canada, Dad's niece Angela and her two son's Frank and Nicola took them to the airport in Rome. Dad was really sad to be leaving them, but also happy as he would be seeing his big brother again who he was always close to growing up.

Before arriving in Canada, they had to take a British Airways plane to London. Mum told me that the Heathrow Airport was so big that they had to catch a bus just to get to where their plane was taking off and that they nearly had missed it.

They finally arrived in Canada later that same day. They stayed there for about a month living with family and catching up with some old friends. One of them was another Luigi from his school days who gave him a copy of their class photo. Dad was so happy and now I have it. Dad celebrated his birthday there and had such a great day and night. They spoilt him with love and gifts, but he deserved it. I sent him a card, but unfortunately it didn't get there in time.

On the 1st October they arrived in Miami, but only for a short time and then they boarded an American Airlines plane bound for Caracas, Venezuela. They stayed there for 3 weeks catching up with Dad's nephews and nieces and a few special friends. One of them was his best friend Luigi who he had also gone to school with and got up to mischief with when he was a teenager. The smile on Dad's face said it all. They left there with amazing memories. 

On 22nd October, they arrived in Dallas Fort Worth for a short time and then off to Los Angeles where they would let themselves go. Mum was so happy that she stayed at the Regent Beverley Wilshire which is where 'Pretty Woman' was filmed. They also went off to Disneyland where they went crazy on all the rides like they were young teenagers in love. Mum just followed Dad as he wanted to do anything and everything. Maybe one day I won't be so scared of rides.

I'm so happy that Mum and Dad got to experience this amazing trip together. Dad actually bought a movie camera that he could take with him. I was so proud that not only did he learn how to use it, but that he had bought us back some awesome memories of their trip.  My Dad was pretty clever when he believed in himself. His memories will live on in me and with my two boys, Sam and Luke and their future families one day.