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In 1960 Cornelis and Adriana Zevenbergen with their sons Kees and Addo moved into their own three-bedroom brick veneer home. It was built to Cornelis' design in the Geelong suburb of Newtown. 'We grew up in a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Geelong,' Addo recalls. 'We spent our time swimming in the river, catching rabbits and snakes and lizards. It was a great area to grow up in.' A third son, Ricky was born in 1963. Adriana and Cornelis continued to live in the Geelong home long after their children grew up and left. 'They never moved from the original house,' Addo says. 'It was a good spot. In the 1970s they built upstairs.' After Cornelis died in 1983, Adriana stayed in the family home until her death in May 2006, aged 75. Quotes from interview with Addo Zevenbergen, January 2012.

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