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Dad worked at BHP at Newcastle, and was meant to stay in the hostel at Mayfield, but to save money, he didn’t. He bought a secondhand BSA bike and travelled daily. "I had worked in BHP for 2 days picking grass on the railway tracks. The foreman came up and asked for eight men for the open hearth over the long weekend in January and it was hot. Any volunteers? I was volunteering all right. Other fellows wanted to go home on the weekend to their families. They all get back to camp, no Eddie. But when pay day came, I had good slab of money and the others had hardly any." It was so hard on Mum in the camp on her own with a little girl, but bit by bit they saved the money to move out, first to a block of land with a garage to live in, and then after the Maitland flood in 1955 they were able to buy a cheap house & work hard, again, at fixing it up.

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