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Dad met us at the wharf in Sydney and took us to our new home on a market-garden farm in St Ives. It was a newly built, but very basic, two-room 'fibro' shed that looked wonderful to a 4-year old. In my eyes it was a palace and my parents remembered me describing it as such to them. That night Mum and Dad sat down and confirmed that the family had less than three pounds to its name. Despite this, after several jobs, Dad got his ticket as a bricklayer and then as a builder, and with mum also working they were able to put a deposit on their first home in 1953. In 1959 they bought a block of land, and over the next 2 years Dad built a “modern” house on it. Amongst their many achievements, they were able to insist on sending my brother Eric (who was born in 1954) and I to University and so ensure us good jobs and a prosperous future in Australia.

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