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I, Marianna Konovalov and my husband Vladimir came to Australia as migrants in 1949. We arrived on a ship named “Skaugum” and our first stop was in Melbourne. From there we were transported to a camp in Bonegilla. As I was expecting a child I was sent later to a family camp to Cowra, N.S.W. and my husband was sent to work on the Railway. In August 1949 our son was born and we named him also Vladimir. We signed a two year contract and as it was finished in 1951 we were free to go to live where we chose. At first we stayed with friends in Queanbeyan N.S.W. and then we found accommodation in a hostel which was situated on the Capital Hill, Canberra. My husband started to work as a technical assistant in CSIRO, but later as we acquired some books and learned to speak English he went to work in Public Service. In 1954 we got a government house in Ainslie, which we later bought. Being so many years in camps we were so happy to have a place to live in our new country Australia.

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