• My gorgeous Dad posing with his friend Domenic's car while living at 64 Scott Street, Dandneong. It's 1965 and I'm not sure if he's met my Mum yet?
  • Luckily, I was able to find an image of the Milk Bar on Kirkham Road that Dad and Mum walked to on that memorable day.
  • It's July 1965 and Dad came over to see Mum on her 21st Birthday.
  • A precious photo of Mum leaving her home for St Mary's Church on her Wedding Day. Nonno Aurelio is already in the car proudly watching her.
  • Happily married on 18th December, 1965 at St Mary's Church Dandenong and Mum is signing her marriage certificate.
  • Dad's turn at happily signing his marriage certificate to Mum.
  • Dad and Mum having their Wedding Photo taken in a studio in Vanity Arcade Dandenong.
  • Mum and Dad cutting their Wedding cake. The colourful chair in front is a chair that Mum had made while working in a furniture store in 1959. The shop was in Brunswick and it was her first job when she arrived in Melbourne.
  • Mum and Dad happily married and making their first toast together. Dad smitten by mum closed his eyes for a second.
  • My gorgeous Dad so proud of his son Frank who is only 6 mths old in this photo.
  • Mum posing for Dad after they had done the garden together. You can see their passion fruit vine is so alive. Mum dated the photo October, 1967.
  • My beautiful Mum looking stylish as always on my Baptism Day. You can see a gold bracelet on her wrist that Dad had bought her and had sent over secretly by my Nonna when Frank was born in 1966.
  • It's 19th October, 1969 and today is my Baptism Day.
  • Dad and Mum always made our Birthday's feel special. Today I'm turning '1' and this is the announcement they had put in the paper.

Dad and Mum had met by chance over the Australia Day weekend in 1965.  Dad had just come back from Frankston beach with his friends and had seen Mum at a friends house. A few days later with a little push, he got the courage to come over and ask my Nonno for permission to take Mum out. They weren't allowed to go anywhere, but Dad tells me that one summers day, they were allowed to go for a walk to local milk bar which was at the end of Haresta Avenue.

While talking to each other, they realised that they were both at the same Italian movie night at the Noble Park Town Hall a month or two before they had met, but they didn't know each other then.

Dad had told me that he would go over on Friday and Saturday nights to share a meal and spend time with his new family. He wanted to go more often, but as everyone including Mum had to get up very early to catch buses and trains to get to work, it could only happen on those two days.

Mum and Dad got engaged on 2nd July of that year, which was a day after Mum had turned '21'.

They both worked really hard to save money and in November of 1965, they bought their first home at 15 Gloria Avenue, Dandenong. Dad told me that he had moved in a few weeks before they were to be married to get it all ready. Dad had asked Mum earlier if she wanted a honeymoon in Sydney or the house and of course Mum said the house. Forty years later Dad would eventually take Mum to Sydney, but he was so unwell that I don't think they saw much, but he knew in his heart that he had to take her.

On the 18th December of that year, they married at St Mary's Church in Dandenong. The entrance to the church was from Foster Street with amazing bluestone steps that flowed all the way down. Unfortunately in 1993, they decided to renovate the church and took those memorable steps away. Dad and Mum recalls the ceremony being just after lunch and once it was all over they went for photos at a studio in the Vanity Arcade in Dandenong. They then went back to Nonno & Nonnas' house as Nonna had prepared lots of food for the celebration. They had also ordered their wedding cake from Bruno's cakes.

With all weddings, you have your ups and downs, but overall it was a beautiful summers day and they were happy together.

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