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SYDNEY 1 first steps. Between Christmas and New Year I took several trips to town, admiring the harbor bridge, strolling along circular quay, Martin Square, the botanic gardens, William Street, Kings Cross and a lot more. It was Summer, at home miny skirts started just above the knee, here, half way up the thighs, the girls had a nice suntan, they smelled nice and looked gorgeous, but with out the ability to talk to one of them, they were in another world, smiles are nice but they don’t get you anywhere. Just to name two, fresh pineapples or oysters were millionaires food at home, here they cost next to nothing, people ate them in the street or on a terrace, whisky was cheaper than beer. If in a pub or store, not finding the right words in English, as long as they saw that I honestly tried people tried to help. Try to do this in Belgium, and they ridiculise you. Here in Australia, I guess, lots of people started the way I did. New Years eve came and together with the two Spaniards I went to town, I never saw something alike, crowds of happy and singing people on the streets, seven or eight man by the sight of whom one normally would cross over to the other side came, each had an unopened bottle of beer, they asked if I would have an opener, I had one and so from each bottle I opened I had to take the first swig. On Kings Cross, on one side of the street the Salvation Army played and sang about Jesus the Savior, on the other side ladies of the corner were bathing, some stark naked, in the El Alamein fountain. Comparing all this to New Years eve in a cold Land, this came close to Paradise. But as an old Arab proverb says “ Even in Paradise there are flies” meaning, nothing is perfect. There always is a day after and nothing lasts forever, certainly not the money I brought with me. On the way to the employment office, the predominant question in the back of my mind was how to go about working without enough English, what to do if asked to do something and not bei

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