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In exchange for assisted passage to Australia, Laszlo was required to fulfil a two-year work contract in a job chosen by the government. After one week at Bonegilla, he was offered a work placement in Mildura and then soon after at a phosphate factory in Port Kembla. But Laszlo, who came to Australia ahead of his fiancée, Eva Goercsotz, insisted he stay at Bonegilla until his future wife arrived. Within three weeks his wish was fulfilled when he was offered employment as a camp patrolman at Bonegilla. Eva arrived in Australia six months later and the couple married in the Albury Catholic Church. Both Laszlo and Eva worked at Bonegilla for 19 years: Eva as a medical orderly in the Bonegilla hospital, and Laszlo as a camp patrolman (1951–57), block supervisor (1957–58) and catering officer (1963–70). Their daughter Trixie attended Bonegilla’s day care and school until she was seven. As catering officer, Laszlo made significant improvements to the food offered at Bonegilla. In 1964 he introduced a two-choice monthly menu, which doubled the meal option for residents. He ensured a variety of dishes from different countries were available. Shortly before Bonegilla closed, Laszlo took up a position with the Department of Immigration’s central office in Canberra and Eva began a new career at the National Library of Australia. When asked why they stayed so long at Bonegilla, Laszlo replied, ‘Ah, considering the work we did and what else we could get … cheap accommodation and so on. And, whatever we enjoyed, it didn’t cost much. And we enjoyed a lot. And I always progressed up a little bit… I was offered always new jobs.’

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