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(Mitchell Librarian 1993-2001, Associate Director State Records NSW 2001-2008 and Director State Records NSW 2008-2012) In 1976 I saw an advertisement in the paper advertising for mature students at the University of NSW. This was an initiative of Eva Cox and was related to the Whitlam Government’s abandonment of University fees in 1972. Remarkably all I did was write an essay on Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator and I was accepted into the first intake of mature students at UNSW in 1977. I studied for the pure joy of study, initially with no real aim or vocation in mind. English literature, history, Spanish and Latin American studies, political philosophy and Australian politics ending up with a degree in Asian history in 1979 and a Diploma in Librarianship in 1980, when my mind turned to thinking about what I was going to do with all this new found knowledge. The Dip Lib was my springboard to a new career and I ended up in what is possibly the most prestigious job in Australian Librarianship, The Mitchell Librarian. I was Mitchell Librarian for 7 years and moved on to become an Associate Director at State Records NSW and later Director. I was at State Records NSW for eleven years and I retired from paid employment on 14 September 2012 which was the 47th anniversary of my joining the British Army. I now work as the Volunteer Assistant Archivist for the Anglican Church in Sydney.

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