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My first job was at a car yard cleaning cars and so. After I told them this was not my future I was sacked and had to look for other work and I wanted to live on my own. I found a job as a kitchen man driver at a hospital in Sydney, a room I found in Surry Hills. After a while a friend of mine told me he had quit his job for another job and I could take his place, which was better then what I had. When the time was there he did not quit the job so I went to the job he was supposed to go to and got the job. Around that time I also inquired about options to study, in the Netherlands I was interested in becoming a surveyor. So I went to the Sydney Technical College, and talked with a few people. I was told that English would not be a problem, I only had to do a small test. That test was more a gambling way finding out my English than a real one. I failed. I went to do a course in special English. Via the Dutch consulate I got in touch with an insurance company in Sydney, the daughter of the company I worked for in the Netherlands. I had a nice talk with the head of the actuarial department, he told me to get in touch at a later stage as there was no vacancy at that moment. When I worked a while for the Dutch company that imported school material from the Netherlands I decided to get in touch with the insurance company, there was a vacancy and I was invited for an interview. I took a day off and told my colleague what I was going to do. When the deputy manager asked my colleague where I was and what I was doing he told him what he knew. That was on a Friday, he was told to tell me the next Monday that I was sacked. I called my manager to be and he made it possible to get my medical sooner, after leaving the store I could start with the insurance company straight away. I had a nice job there, moved from Surrey Hills to Mc Mahons Point. A nice apartment which I shared with a friend.

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