• A precious image of Lonsdale Street, Dandenong from around 1959.
  • Mum looks so happy to be sitting on her brand new fence.
  • My Mum looking beautiful as a bridesmaid at 18yrs of age.
  • Mum and her beautiful long hair had hit the front page of 'The Dandenong Journal' on 9th January 1963.
  • Another memorable photo that the Dandenong Journal had taken of Mum in January 1963.
  • Mum was only 19yrs old when this memorable photo was taken of her in her driveway in Haresta Avenue, Dandenong South.
  • It's 1964 and my clever Mum is taking a memorable 'selfie' in her bedroom with her new camera.
  • An image I found of the old suspension bridge that Mum had crossed over to get to Cowes.
  • This photo was taken on the day that Dad found the courage to ask my Nonno if he could take Mum out.
  • Dad looking handsome posing for Mum in her backyard. It's 1967 and also Mum's 21st Birthday. Xx
  • The milk bar on Kirkham Road that Dad walked Mum to on their first kind of date in February 1965.
  • An early advertisement for Peters Choc Wedges when they were only 35c.
  • An image I found of the side of Cowes beach that Mum and Dad would sit on.

Mum had really long hair when she was in her teens, but when she was about 18yrs old, she thought it was time for a change. It was a lot of hard work to maintain and a little difficult in the mornings with her and all her siblings trying to get ready for work. So one day she walked to the Dandy Beauty Salon which was located in Foster Street, Dandenong and had it all cut off. Above is a precious photo that shows the hairdresser cutting it and one of the photos taken was even put onto the front page of 'The Dandenong Journal' on 9th January 1963. Unfortunately they misspelt Mum's name and her address wrong. She had kept her locks for quite a while and I can remember that she showed me once, but it's now gone or so she says.

Mum told me that on the way to the salon she had walked past the Hammond Road Bridge and that there were workmen there staring at her and admiring her long locks. On her way back home, she walked back past there, but now with her hair all gone they stared at her differently like what did you do. Mum had thought the same thing and was devastated that she no longer had her beautiful long hair.

Some of the other photos were taken with a camera Mum had bought herself with money that she had saved. She bought it from a Pharmacy that was near the corner of Lonsdale and Foster Street, Dandenong. It could have been Titcher's Pharmacy. My boys, Sam and Luke were pretty impressed thinking that their Nonna had invented the 'selfie' judging by one of these photo's as it was taken over 50 years ago. The photo is dated 1964 on the back.

Mum's family home was at 30 Haresta Avenue, Dandenong South. It was a light blue wooden house that would be filled with lots of precious memories. In this street would be where Mum would be introduced to my Dad, Luca Cannito who was also an Italian Migrant. One day, Dad finally got the courage to come over to Mum's house and ask my Nonno if he could take her out. They weren't allowed to go anywhere, but one day they walked to the local Milk bar which was on Kirkham Road. One of her brothers was closely watching her take that walk down Haresta Avenue. Mum told me that Dad had bought her a vanilla choc wedge which was so cute.

Mum tells me that before she had met my Dad, a few family and friends drove down to a beach side town known as Cowes, Phillip Island. Back then, the bridge to cross over to the beach was wooden and creaky and a little scary. They all had a great day together with a picnic near the beach.

Phillip Island would eventually become one of our summer holiday destinations in years to come. When we were kids, we would go up every year for the Christmas break. Dad and Mum loved it so much and as we had made lots of precious memories there, that they decided to buy a little unit in Chapel Street, Cowes.

When Dad retired, they would go up there for months at a time to enjoy the sun and time together. They both loved being near the water. They had a favourite spot on the beach near the bottom of the stairs as it had both sun and shade and they would stay out there for hours. Dad would tan easily as he had beautiful olive skin, but Mum would have to work a little harder to get that colour.

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